Missouri Accreditation provides quality standards for programs serving children from birth to school-age within the state of Missouri. Programs that achieve accreditation become a member of an elite and unique group because they have achieved a high standard of quality.

Project Construct

The Project Construct approach to teaching children ages three through seven based on the constructivist theory of learning, which states that children actively construct their own knowledge and values as a result of interactions with the physical and social worlds.

Nature Based

The Reggio Emilia Approach is an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education which values the child as strong, capable and resilient; rich with wonder and knowledge. Every child brings with them deep curiosity and potential and this innate curiosity drives their interest to understand their world and their place within it.


Awarded the 5 year Missouri Preschool Program Grant thru DESE
Voted the Best Preschool in the Parkland 2017
Voted Runner-Up Best Preschool in the Parkland 2018
United4Children - Top Nutrionist Program

What Our Families Say

All the teachers are so welcoming! My little girl had some anxiety about being away from me, but they are very sweet and have encouraged her. I can see such a difference in her becoming more and more at ease.

Kristi Sikes

We LOVE TLLA! I am so thankful for our preschool family. I love watching my son love learning.

Jenny Revelle

Ashley and her staff are the best. Hands down. 

Rebecca Henson

They were so great on my kids first day! They have me updated and pictures to ease my mind about his very first day. They are great teachers and my son loves his preschool very much! He can't get in the door fast enough!

Jamie Lee

BEST school i could've ever sent my son too! love love love!

Sahra Jo Burns

We love TLLA! I wish I'd known about this place last year so that our other child could have attended.

Ashley Blair-Hansen

A wonderful preschool full of love and learning! The best place for everyone's little learners!

Dave N Tisha Lord

Best place for little ones to attend! Great environment to be around and Ashley is the best around.

Jessica Lopez-Fraire

Our team

The Learning tribe

Preschool Consultations

We specialize in Training for school workshops with clock hour trainings. Staff and Lead teacher trainings, Parent engagement/discipline/dev. Milestones/selfcare/mindfulness classes. Our favorite is school and classroom transformations. We create programs that meet DAP standards and excellence awards.


The Learning Tribe offers you a custom approach with our team of specialists, offering expertise in early childhood education and care. We specialize in organizational development and strategy, federal grant writing and reports, DRDP assessments, program operations, assistance to preparations for licensing and accreditations, training and professional development, and community child care.

Speaking Engagements

Host a course at your program so your staff can get credit hours for licensing@ NO COST to your program (message us today)! We can come to your center or school to teach the art of mindfulness: creating a calm classroom! Do you need help learning to calm your class? Our classes will give you continuing education hours! Book us today!

The MOM tribe

for Moms, by Moms

Motherhood is so much love. So many hugs & kisses. The constant busy. A whole new life (and I dont mean like, the miracle of bringing a life into this world) YOU HAVE A WHOLE NEW LIFE. It can feel like a lonely life. What should my child be doing developmentally? Is it okay my child hates me? How do I get my child to let me go when they go to school? What does my child seem to have anxiety when I leave? Even my teenagers dont want to be around me? Find your tribe. GROW YOUR TRIBE. It takes a village. THAT is why we started MOM TRIBE. Let us help you find peace in knowing you're not alone!

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If you are interested in TLLA preschool or The Learning Tribe consulting services, contact Ashley Smith, Owner/Director.

She can be reached via phone at (573) 330-1038 or email at ashleyd_smith@hotmail.com.

You can also message Ashley or TLLA on Facebook.

The Little Learners Academy is based in Fredericktown, MO.