Art in Preschool

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun” – Mary Lou Cook: Author, educator and activist. As I reflected on the fact that every child learns differently. I found myself soul searching. I wanted to recall the way I learned best as a child. I recalled a memory of my childhood. It was a Sunday afternoon we had just left church and my father started scolding me after I showed him a picture I had created during service. He said, Ashley the next time I find you drawing in church you will be grounded. He went on to tell me that I could not draw and listen to the pastor talking. I watched his face get red, his mouth cross, and his eyebrows turn down. My heart began to pump so fast that fear came across my face. I was so scared to be reprimanded, that I felt the heat in my face as I put my hands over my cheeks. I was scared that my dad was going to correct me if I spoke a word out of line. And in that moment, I was scared to tell him I heard everything. As I got older I would find myself sketching during lectures in school. As time passed I discovered that doing something while I listened actually made me retain the information better than just listening.

I know the importance of art. It is Important to focus on process rather than product, because it is developmentally appropriate. The art activities pictured above demonstrates the importance of process rather than product. This is why in preschool we don’t “create” crafts. This is when a teacher leads a “art project” such as a snow man she cuts out all the pieces and assist the child in making the perfect snowman that looks just like hers. This type of projects the teacher does all the work. This means this is NOT the child’s work. Art should never look the same. A child’s art should reflect how they see something.

For example, if you take a look at the pictures above I wanted to give our children a change to make art from what they heard. I gave all the children paper, clipboards, and pencils. I simply told them today you will create art from what you hear. As you listen to the story I would like you to make a picture of what you see. It was so beautiful at the end the children had made the most beautiful detailed pictures of birds. We hung them up around our room for others to observe, enjoy and discuss. This is Art in Preschool.

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