TLLA Launches “Mom Tribe”

This group will be directed by “The Learning Tribe” The Little Learners Early childhood consulting group. We will meet monthly as a support group to build a tribe of mothers who encourage and educate one another on the best of Early childhood Developmentally appropriate practices. (also, great outlet for new teachers! For those needing to learn about DAP) While meeting for coffee, at wineries, or even local outings. Parenting is hard, obtaining friendships and relationships outside of our family tribe is hard. This is a support group of women who are just here for each other.

“The problem with finding friends in adulthood is that we are all exhausted and on our last pair of yoga pants. None of us have a ton of extra. Finding a tribe in this stage is like a bunch of starving people on a deserted island trying to help each other find food. It’s pretty rough. No shame or judgement here but the thing is, if you want a tribe you have to find a way to make space for those relationships.”
Join our tribe! Message me to find out how!

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